Are you looking to enter the export market or grow your existing overseas  sales?

                                 kps Businesshelpline increases export turnover and profitability using sales strategies that work

  kps Businesshelpline is an Independent International Business Support company . We specialise in working with businesses to establish and operate            successful  overseas sales and marketing campaigns. Keith Stringer is kps Businesshelpline and has over 20 years of trading internationally within North America, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and the Middle East, and has travelled extensively and worked within a number of industry sectors. 

   Our aim is to help maximise the opportunities for people who are looking to begin,or already, trading internationally. We help you to:                                     

                                                           * Establish overseas representation
                                     *Develop new brands and existing brand awareness in overseas markets
                                                                  * Increase overseas sales


                                                                                                     Exhibition Centre in Bologna, Italy

   Our services include :- 

·          Export planning. Setting up and operating an export strategy, including which markets to target.

·          Sales development- recruitment of agents and distributors and how to get the products to market.

·          Pricing – how to set prices for different markets.

·         Sales market visits- we travel to overseas markets on behalf of our clients as and when required.

·          Marketing, including brand development

·         Trade Shows. Organisation and participation in overseas trade-shows on behalf of individual or groups of businesses, including access to Trade Show funding.

·         Free-lance Export Manager option





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