Overseas Trade Shows

                                                                                      International Trade Fairs

kps Businesshelpline organises and attends trade exhibitions worldwide, most recently in New York in August 2017.  Keith Stringer's extensive experience includes having organised and attended Trade Shows in UK and Ireland, Athens, Berlin, Bologna, Brussels, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Madrid, Munich, New York, Paris, Stockholm ,Tokyo to name but a few. 

He has over 20 years experience of identifying which are the best Trade Shows worldwide to showcase a company's products or services. It has been proven that Internationally recognised shows can be an ideal way to introduce new brands to market, or to reinforce the company's existing presence within the market. By choosing the correct exhibition, you can showcase your offer to the rest of the world, pitching to the decision makers withing your industry.           

                         New York                                                     Dublin                                                 Paris                                               Las Vegas

                                                                                        Tel: 07707 471545

                                                                E-mail : Keith@kpsbusinesshelpline.co.uk  www.kpsbizhelpline.co.uk